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Bloodaxe's History Links

A Medieval and Anglo-Saxon Resources Site.


This page is updated regularly to ensure that all the links are working - however this is now a large site and links may 'break' without me noticing. If you should find that a link is no longer doing what it should, please feel free to mail me.

This site is dedicated to links to other sites which contain useful information for those who have a passion for Anglo-Saxon and Medieval History. I am not responsible for the quality and content of these links.

This is a constantly expanding environment which will be growing rapidly in future. The links are always under construction, so if you see something which should be here and is not, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Additions to this page in the near future will hopefully include:-

A new page of links to the Crusades.


I graduated with a BA Hons in History from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and have completed further postgraduate MA research into Anglo-Saxon skeletons. You can find out more about me by reading my personal homepage.

Poetry fans may like to use the ftp site for the Anglo-Saxon Records. May I suggest you have a look at their Readme document first.

Students of Medieval History may also like to read on-line copies of Medieval Life .

I hope you enjoy your visit...come again soon...


The Bloodaxe Directory...

General Medieval Resources
Links to servers, ftp and gopher sites, online texts and other general resources.
Libraries and Museums
Links to the homepages of online libraries and journals, plus virtual museums.
Anglo-Saxon Links
A page of links to the Anglo-Saxons and their culture.
Beowulf Links
Links to pages on Beowulf, plus Anglo-Saxon poetry and literature.
Battle of Hastings
Links to the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Invasion, plus the Bayeux Tapestry.
Miscellaneous Resources
A page of assorted resources ranging from maps to dragons - all those things which are not otherwise easily classified.
The Societies Page
Links to the homepages of 'living history' and other history societies.
Medieval Towns
Links to the homepages of medieval towns and cities.


Feel free to send me the URLs to any interesting English Medieval or Anglo-Saxon History links you may find.

You can look at the entries in the old Guestbook.

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