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This is where all the links are to pages which are not easily classified. They are a mixed selection, but I hope that they will be useful to someone.


Links to other sites on the Web...

World of the Vikings Project
For those whose interest is the Vikings, the World of the Vikings is a good place to start.
Order of St Benedict/Benedictine Rule
An index to on-line texts on the rule of St Benedict and the gateway to its bibliographical index.
Augustine on the Internet
A page devoted to links to Augustine's texts on the Web.
Gregorian Chant Homepage
This is one of the most popular sites on the Web, allowing you access to information on all aspects of Gregorian chant, plus the chance to listen to selected passages.
Conversion of Pagans
A brief article summarising the spread of Christianity through north-west Europe in the early Middle Ages.
Internet Historical Atlas
Useful resource giving access to worldwide historical maps from all periods.
UK Ordnance Survey Maps
Access to the latest from the Ordnance Survey.
Topics in Arthurian Legend
A link to the world of King Arthur - one of the most absorbing and mysterious of all medieval legends.
Medieval Dragonlore
A site of resources for studying the importance of dragonlore in medieval times.


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