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A page of Beowulf, poetry and literature.


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Literature from the period must be read in context to be of any use as a source. Much of that which survives was written down by churchmen who had their own agenda.

Surviving Anglo-Saxon poetry is limited to about 30,000 lines, most of which is contained in four main manuscripts - the Codex Exoniensis and Codex Vercellensis from the 10th Century, and the Cotton Vitellius A and 'Caedmon' Genesis from around 1,000 AD.


Links to the literature sites...

Beowulf Links
A page of links to Beowulf resources, including a keyword search in translation.
Beowulf for Beginners
An introduction for those new to Beowulf.
Electronic Beowulf (US site)
Electronic Beowulf (UK site)
A major project involving the digitisation of the entire manuscript.
Beowulf Bibliography
A massive list of publications on Beowulf.
Resources for the study of written and spoken Old English.
Old English Pages
More resources for the study of Old English.
The Book of Kells
Links to illustrations from the manuscript.


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