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Links to assorted useful resources.


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The following is a list of links to sites which are useful resources. Some themselves contain other links useful to the medievalist. There are also on-line textbooks. Amongst these are also ftp and gopher sites allowing you to download texts, articles and other information.


Links to other sites on the Web...

On-line Reference Book for medieval studies.
Medieval History
A list of links to sources for medieval and renaissance history.
The Labyrinth
A WWW server for medieval studies.
NetSERF Medieval Resources
Internet connection for medieval resources.
Libellum Mundi
A short guide to medieval studies resources on the WWW.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
An electronic textbook for medieval studies.
Medieval Resources
Links to discussion lists, texts, databases, archives and other materials.
Medieval Resources
This link will take you to the ftp index of the extensive medieval resources at the University of Kansas. Here you can download copies of texts by ftp.
Online Texts
Another useful site, clicking on this link will take you to a gopher menu of texts. Helpfully, these resources are sorted according to historical eras.


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